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We are a group of individuals that are working towards a very common goal – to propel your brand into the intersection where trends, culture and attention meet

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co-founder of speakerbox

Abshar Ahmed Hussain

Co-Founder and CEO

A team that understands your Brand

Our combined creative and production team consists of writers, designers, art directors, editors – all working to produce quality content for every relevant social network keeping up with the rapid speed of culture, everything from video commercials to Snapchat filters

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With Social Media Management, Brand Positioning and Consulting, Paid Media Campaigns, Content Creation, Video Production, and much more, we have all the tools in-store to propel your brand off the roof

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The future is digital

Strategizing for the evolving business landscape.

Many businesses still have not placed enough emphasis on digital media and technology. At Speakerbox, we're committed to providing our clients with premier digital solutions to guide their businesses into the upcoming age of advancement.


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